A guy in a bar has to goes to the washroom, upon
entering the mens room he notices a man standing
at the urinal with no hands. The man, with no
hands looks over to the guy and says "hey buddy
can ya help me out here" holding up his stumps
"can you please take my penis out of my pants so
I can take a piss"

The other guy feels sorry for him so he does it.
As he takes the penis out  of the man's pants he
notices that his dick is covered in green slimy
goo. The guy then quickly rushes to the sink to
wash his hands and he almost makes it out the door
when the man says "hey buddy you aren't going to
leave me here like this are you?"

The guy once again feels sorry for the guy with
no hands, so he does it. Just as he is washing his
hands for the second time, curiosity gets the
better of him and he asks, "what is all that green
slimy shit all over your dick?"

The man with no hands then slides his hands out
from under his sleeves and says, "I don't know ,
that's why I didn't want to touch it."

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