Walter Smith is standing at the pearly gates,
waiting to be admitted, while St. Peter is 
leafing through his Big Book to see if Walter
is worthy of entering. Saint Peter goes through
the books several times, furrows his brow, and 
says to him: "You know, Walter, I can't see that
you did anything really good in your life but, 
then again, it appears that you never did 
anything really bad either. Tell you what I'll 
do, if you can tell me of just one REALLY good 
deed that you did during your lifetime, you're 

Walter thinks for a moment and says, "Yeah, there
was this one time when I was drivin' down the 
highway and I saw a large group of KKK Biker 
Gang Rapists assaulting this poor young girl. 
I slowed down to see what was going on, and sure
enough, there they were, about 50 of 'em 
torturing this chick. 

"Infuriated, I got out of my car, grabbed a tire
iron from the trunk, and walked straight up to 
the leader of the gang, a huge guy with a studded
leather jacket and a chain running from his nose
to his ear. As I walked up to the leader, the KKK
Biker Gang Rapists formed a circle around me. 

"So, I rip the leader's chain off his face and 
smash him over the head with the tire iron. Then
I turn around and yell to the rest of them and 
say: 'Leave this poor, innocent girl alone! 
You're all just a bunch of sick, sex crazed,
deranged animals! Go home before I have to teach
all of you lesson in real pain!'" 

St. Peter, quite impressed, says: "Really? That's
absolutely wonderful of you! Now when did
this happen?" 

"Oh, about two minutes ago."

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