Little Jonny gets home from school on day, barges
through the door and shouts "Mommy! Mommy! I had 
sex with my teacher." "Oh Jonny! That's 
disgusting! Go to your room and wait until your
father has a word with you." 

Three hours later, Jonny's father comes through 
the door. He doesn't seem unhappy, but pleasantly
surprised. His father has a beaming look on his 
face. "Son, I heard what you did today and well,
I'm damn proud of you son. When I was your age, 
I fucked my teacher crazy, and let me tell ya, 
she was a real hottie. Because you have fucked 
your teacher, I decided to buy you that two 
thousand dollar bike that you wanted. Why don't
you come down to the garage and I'll show you 
your new bike," the father prompted. "By the 
way, don't tell your mother about this." 

They go down to the garage, and sure enough, 
there was a beautiful new bike. "Dad," the boy
shouts "I don't know what to say. I thought you
were going to be pissed at me. How can I ever 
thank you?" Son, all you have to do is show me
how much you enjoy it. Now go on and ride it for

"Dad, thanks a lot," said the boy, "but do you 
think I can do this tomorrow, my ass is still

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