A husband and wife were having difficulty 
surviving financially so they decided that the
wife should try prostitution as an extra source
of income. 

The husband drove her out to a popular corner and
informed her he would be at the side of the 
building if she had any questions or problems.
A gentleman pulled up shortly after and asked her
how much to go all the way. She told him to wait 
a minute and ran around the corner to ask her 
husband. The husband told her to tell the client 
$100. She went back and informed the client at 
which he cried 'That was too much!' 

He then asked 'How much for a handjob?' She asked
him to wait a minute and ran to ask her husband 
how much. The husband said 'Ask for $40'. 
The woman ran back and informed the client. 
He felt that this was an agreeable price and 
began to remove his pants and underwear. Upon the
removal of his clothing the woman noticed that 
the man was well endowed. 

She asked him once more to wait a moment. She ran
around the corner again at which her husband 
asked 'Now what?' 

'Can I borrow $60?' 

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